Cable Tracer Continuity Checker

  • checks continuity of installed cables
  • BNC and XLR
  • detects audio phantom power 
  • detects video H/V sync pulses
  • detects 3-pin DMX pulses in lighting run


On the job continuity checker for XLR and BNC cable runs. Put the box at one end and a connector at the other and the leds will tell you if there's continuity on the cable. XLR can also check presence of phantom power in an audio run, and DMX pulses where it has been run in a  3 pin configuration. BNC can check presence of H or V sync pulses.



The XLR & BNC Cable Tracer is an ideal tool for troubleshooting cable runs. Faulty cables can be identified, and tie lines can be identified at each end of a loom. Saves time in set ups where cables have already been run, and where it is impractical or impossible to check continuity by other means.