Based in Melbourne, Australia, Szikla Technical has been designing and manufacturing innovative, high quality professional electronic equipment for the Audio, Broadcast, and Meetings & Events industries since the late Nineteen Nineties.  Andy Szikla has lectured at tertiary level in Applied Electronics, has written tutorials on the electronics of audio for Audio Technology Magazine, and is a member of the Australian Surface Mount and Circuit Board Association.


In 1999 the Chairman's Indicator was released with its partner the Mighty Mouse. This was the first remote presentation device available in Australia, and it changed the way large meetings and conferences were organised and conducted at the technical level.

In 2002 the Cue King was born, along with the TX1 radio frequency slide cue set. Now, for the very first time, Australian presenters could advance their slides via a radio button (instead of a cabled button) and technicians could now route these slide cues to multiple show computers via the Cue King.

In 2004 the Cue King Rev1 incorporated a reverse button and, together with the new RevRadio, became the world's first remote presentation system to include both forward and reverse wireless slide cues. The Cue King Rev1 system quickly set the benchmark for remote slide advancement, and for over a decade remained standard kit in all of the major convention centres in Australia. In the Meetings & Events sector today, Szikla Technical has earned a reputation as one of the best known and most highly trusted technical brands.

2004 also saw the release of another flagship product, the Minute Man 99 Conference Timer. Designed to indicate to a presenter how much allocated time they have remaining, it was the first (and for some time the only) count-down timer available with a digital display. It was also unique as a time-piece in that several remote displays could be plugged in to allow monitoring in multiple locations by multiple persons. Its flexibility, reliability and ease of use have helped it to remain one of our most popular lines.

In 2015 the Prodigal Dual Channel Strip & Monitor Station was released into the Professional Audio Recording market, after being developed and trialled on recordings by some of Australia's biggest names. The Prodigal is the first elite audio device anywhere in the world designed specifically to produce premium studio quality results whilst acting as the central hub of a home recording setup. In addition, the superb quality of the unit makes it just as useful in a professional studio, as an outboard device.

In 2017 we released the Cue King 2 Remote Presentation System, incorporating many innovations including the "Lectenna" remote antenna and USB output, which is set to be yet another game-changer in the world of professional AV slide advancement.

We back all of our products with solid service and a fully szikla two year warranty, and sell to the world.

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