Big Display 


  • Remote Display Unit for Minute Man 99
  • huge 100mm Digits
  • all connections via standard mic cable
  • draws power from Master Unit - no need for separate plugpack
  • VESA mounting holes standard, or
  • your choice of mounting hole positions
  • your choice of mounting hole centres
  • your choice of XLR position or tails
  • XLR and 8x M4s included in price


The Minute Man 99 Big Display is the perfect accessory where extra emphasis of time remaining is required. Typical situations may be where a presenter needs to roam to a location where it is difficult to see a regular display, or if an audience needs to see time remaining for a particular item.

Operation is plug and play and it can be positioned up to 200 metres/660 feet from the Master Unit, receiving both power and signal via standard microphone cable.

The Big Display has two large 100mm/4.0 inch digits which can be read at a massive distance. Multiple Remote Displays may be employed and the standard Plugpack PSU will support up to 2 units.

The Big Display differs from the normal Remote Display in that it displays time only, and does not include the Yellow and Red Warning Lights. In common with the smaller displays is that when time passes below 1 minute the unit counts down in seconds, until it displays "00" which it will hold until the Master Unit is re-set.


The Minute Man 99 System showing comparative sizes.


Big Display Case Budget Light Aluminium Case  Single unit light aluminium case fitted with foam inserts to house a single Minute Man 99 Big Display. Overall dimensions: 410 X 280 X 95mm.  

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