Isoplus AV Audio Isolating Transformer

  • Eliminates Hum

  • Drives Long Mic Cables

  • XLR, TRS Jack & RCA In and Out

  • Balanced / Unbalanced

  • Earth Lift

  • 20dB Pad

  • Accepts High Level Input +25dBu

  • Passive. Needs No Batteries


The Isoplus AV is a Broadcast Quality Line Isolator / Hum Eliminator.

It can be used to balance an unbalanced line such as the output of a CD player, to preserve fidelity over a long cable run, or to unbalance a balanced line in order to access an unbalanced input on a mixing desk or other device.

Devices with dissimilar input / output connectors can be accommodated via the unusual configuration of XLR, TRS Jack and RCA in and out.


The 20dB pad is useful when connecting high level devices such as computer headphone or video recorder outputs to low level input devices.

Can be used as a 600ohm bridging transformer, where the input signal passes "through" the input side via the bridged XLR and TRS Jack connectors to the input of a mixing desk, and an isolated split is taken via any of the outputs. Using the 20dB pad in this configuration will only affect the isolated output, and will not affect the "through" output